Advanced Elements for Elementor, 1.8 alpha3 release


New alpha version of Advanced Elements for Elementor comes with a bunch of smaller fixes when it comes to loading of dynamic tags in various situations. This release also makes the plugin work better with the upcoming Query Elements alpha release and its edit template integration in the editor.

  • Add Flexible Content widget support to all repeater widgets
  • Add assets handling and integrate with Optimized Elements
  • Add padding and margin controls to Flexible Content widget
  • Add templates from Flexible content to admin bar when rendering front-end
  • Add Advanced Custom Fields text area and WYSIWYG field to Accordion title drop-down
  • Fix issue with meta value not being countable
  • Fix issue with slider theme CSS not loaded
  • Fix issue with wrong post value being used with post object and flexible content combination in editor
  • Fix issue with dynamic tag not loading correctly on editor Ajax requests
  • Fix issue with missing option array for settings
  • Fix issue with dynamic tags not loaded on editor content refresh
  • Fix loading method with dynamic tags in editor
  • Fix issue with List widget and single value ACF select

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