Advanced Elements 1.12.1 released (bugfixes)


This release just contains bugfixes for various areas of the plugin. The bigger fixes relates to the experimental features introduced with 1.12.

  • Fix editor failure with loading of dynamic CSS when using Optimized Elements
  • Fix issue with Acf Relationship With Template and null posts in relationship field
  • Fix issue with repeater loop not resetting causing subsequent ACF calls to use subfields
  • Fix issue with typography and styling in ACF Repeater List widget
  • Fix issue with repeater subfields not being included on single templates etc. Disabled ability to have dynamic labels in ACF Repeater List.
  • Fix issue with rendering of some ACF (Extended) fields when use with 2.0 dynamic tags
  • Fix issue with missing star rating icons in ACF Table
  • Fix issue with looping nested repeater fields resulting in timeout
  • Fix issue with missing YouTube URL with Repeating Video Boxes and Rows
  • Fix issue with Slides widgets and Swiper setup
  • Fix issue with fatal error if ACF icon value is empty
  • Update Freemius SDK to version 2.5.6

As always test on staging to make sure tings work as expected.


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