Advanced Elements 1.12 released


This release comes with two new widgets ACF Table that renders a table based on the ACF Choice field and ACF Relational List widget.

The main focus has been improving and adding more tags to the experimental 2.0 part of the plugin. These new experimental features will be enabled by default on new plugin installs. They are so far optin on older installs. The new tags are for the most part backwards compatible so you can try to enable the experimental features, preferably on staging, and see if you run into issues. Best case there are none but if you run into any contact support and we’ll fix them. Repeater and Flexible content dynamic tags do not have a 2.0 equivalent but they will continue to work after enabling experimental features.

  • Experimental settings Tags & widgets 2.0 enabled by default on new installs
  • Add ACF Table (Choice) widget
  • Add ACF Relational List widget
  • Add Post Object field support to Relationship with template widget
  • Add Post Featured Image background image support
  • Add Post Object Featured Image background image support
  • Add render CSS inline option when using template widgets
  • Add change to background image CSS generation to prevent duplicate styles
  • Add experimental Widgets 2.0
  • Add Tags 2.0 support tor repeaters and flexible content
  • Add placeholder support to Tags & Widgets 2.0 (text and images)
  • Fix issue with using deprecated Elementor method
  • Fix issue with experiment ACF URL tag not handling Post and Term links
  • Fix issue with Single, Repeater and Flexible Content URL tag and array format
  • Fix issue with missing widgets and tags when editing Flexible Content widget in Elementor
  • Fix issue with using deprecated Elementor hooks
  • Fix issue with grouped repeater fields
  • Fix issue with relationship with template widget listing empty posts
  • Fix issue with single template and repeaters
  • Fix issue with CSS files for Optimized Elements
  • Fix issue with vertical alignment of icons with Tabs and Accordion widget header
  • Update Freemius SDK to 2.5.3
  • Increased required PHP version to PHP 7.1

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