Advanced Elements 1.12 Beta – Things get easier with placeholders


The 1.12 beta comes with new experimental features such as Widgets 2.0 and Placeholders. If you enable the experimental features you no longer have to save ACF values before editing, refreshing after setting Preview page when editing section templates. Working with ACF and Elementor just becomes much easier. Enabling experimental features will not require you to change any of your existing Advanced Elements tags and widgets. The features are fully backwards compatible (at least based on my testing). If you run into any issues do not hesitate to reach out via the contact form in the plugin or via the site. The quicker I get informed, the quicker I can fix things.


One thing that is nice with experimental features is that they support placeholders. Currently only a subset of the ACF fields support placeholders but in upcoming versions more fields will support it. Tags 2.0 Text, image and gallery tags now support placeholders.

You can now use placeholders with dynamic tags 2.0

Demonstration and comparison of the new features verses the old


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