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Advanced Elements 1.12.1 released (bugfixes)

This release just contains bugfixes for various areas of the plugin. The bigger fixes relates to the experimental features introduced with 1.12. As always test on staging to make sure tings work as expected.

New version of Optimized Elements 0.2

Minor update to Optimized Elements regarding the combining of CSS files when used together with Advanced Elements. Freemius SDK that handles the license and updates has also been updates. More fixes will be released regarding the generation of CSS together with better integration with Query Elements.

Advanced Elements 1.11 – now with experimental features

A project that’s been happening behind the scenes is a more or less complete rewrite of the the Advanced Elements codebase. (Also, this rewrite will increase PHP minimum requirement to PHP 7.4 so if you have not updated PHP on your site you should do that.) Part of that effort is made available by new […]

Advanced Elements 1.10 comes with partial ACF Extended support

I got a request through support to also add ACF Extended (Pro) support to the plugin and that process has begun. It is a large plugin with many new features so full compliance will take some work. I have also added some new dynamic tags for standard ACF fields such as Range, User, Link fields. There […]

Get the free design feedback plugin – Feedbacking

I am happy to announce that we have just released a new free plugin called Feedbacking. It enables you to comment various parts of a page, take screenshots and also draw with a red marker on the screenshots. You can draw on both the screenshots that you take through the browser when clicking on the […]

New version of ACF Icons now available at WordPress.org

We have now moved the ACF Icons plugin to the wordpress.org plugin repository and with that move also released a new version. With release 0.1.3 the plugin now longer contains a single SVG icon file in order to keep the file size low. The single SVG files are generated on the first request and saved […]

Advanced Elements 1.8 released, now with full support for Flexible Content

With the release of 1.8 all widgets can be used with Flexible Content widget. You can now have ACF Repeater widgets inside “Repeater with template” widget and all repeaters are shown correctly. A big change is that this release comes with Freemius integration. Previously all plugins were handled via Easy digital downloads, going forwards the […]

Query Elements version 0.4 released, now with “Edit template” support

Version 0.4 of Query Elements comes with some new feature such as Edit template and a new dynamic tag for “term archive”. The rest of the changes are bux fixes and better integration with the Elementor admin bar. A big change is that this release comes with Freemius integration. Previously all plugins were handled via […]

Query Elements 0.4 alpha

The next version of Query Elements comes with a some minor fixes and also a big feature. You can now click edit template when rendering templates using the Posts and Archive widgets just as you do using standard Elementor with Header and Footer templates. Increase Elementor minimum requirement to 3.0 Add check for Elementor Pro […]

Advanced Elements for Elementor, 1.8 alpha3 release

New alpha version of Advanced Elements for Elementor comes with a bunch of smaller fixes when it comes to loading of dynamic tags in various situations. This release also makes the plugin work better with the upcoming Query Elements alpha release and its edit template integration in the editor. Add Flexible Content widget support to […]