Query Elements

Work with queries directly in Elementor

Query Elements is an extension to Elementor that adds new WP_query related widgets to Elementor so you can list posts, products or which ever post type you want and how ever you want. Configure everything directly in the Elementor editor. Archives, archive paging, single paging and more is supported.
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Archive and Posts widgets

The foundational widgets for Query Elements are the Archive and Posts widget. Use the Archive widget, as the name suggests, on Elementor Archive templates. You can configure it so content is displayed alphabetically, by date or other ways. It supports all features of the WordPress WP_Query class.

Includes filter widgets for archive pages

The Query Elements add-on for Elementor includes a number of different filter widgets for you archive pages. Filter widgets such as sliders, checkboxes, drop-downs, radio buttons and text search. You can easily configure all filters directly using the Elementor editor unlike other similar plugins that require you to work in the WordPress administration.

Archive and Single paging made easy

Paging is really easy to add using the archive and single page pagin widgets. The best thing is that the single page paging widget inherits the settings from the Archive widget. If you configure the Archive widget to order posts by title then the paging on individual pages reflect that. No need to add special code, or other plugins, just decide how you want to order your posts or other types of post types like products using the Archive widget and the paging widget automatically makes the correct links.

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