AE 1.2 comes with new dynamic tags like Gallery and repeater image IDs


The 1.2 release of Advanced Elements comes with the following new features.

  • Gallery dynamic tag
  • Gallery repeater dynamic tag. Now you can display galleries in repeater fields. Very handy.
  • Repeater Image IDs dynamic tag. This can be used together with Elementor & Elementor Pro Galleries and Image Carousel so you can display your repeater images using the Elementor widgets.
  • ACF number, email and select fields are now included with ACF repeater text dynamic tag and single text dynamic tag.
  • And you can now use alternate Elementor template with the Repeater with template widget so you can get a more dynamic look with your repeaters.
Give your repeaters more life with alternating templates.
Now you can use your repeater images with the Elementor and Elementor Pro Image/Gallery widgets.

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