What’s new in Advanced Elements 1.0

AFC repeater icons

Quite a lot actually. New widgets are coming and also improvements to repeating image backgrounds when using Elementor templates and overall performance.
It has been a while since the last release but the development has not stopped. I have decided to increase the plugin version to 1.0 since I think the codebase has become sufficiently stable to warrant a 1.0 version.

What is new?

  • There has been numerous bug fixes
  • A bunch of performance improvements
  • More user friendly listing of fields in the select ACF field drop downs
  • Added ACF Group field support
  • Added repeater within repeater support when using templates
  • Added Repeater subfield image support to Backgrounds using dynamic tag.
  • New widgets such as Repeating Image and Video Rows, Slides, Testimonial Carousel
  • More dynamic tags: Time, Date, DateTime
  • No more option page specific widgets or tags. All widgets and dynamic tags now support option page fields. This has made developing new functionality and improving things much easier.

Now with 12 repeater based widgets

AFC repeater icons
The plugin now supports 12 different repeating widgets with the most versatile being the “Repeater with template” widget which now has improved repeater support.

Including a Slides widget

Screenshot of slides widget
The Slides widget is one of the new features. It supports multiple rows of slides, multiple columns of slides and more.

Now with image and video rows widget

Screenshot rows widget
You can now also do repeating image and video rows.



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