Query Elements 0.3 has been released


Query Elements 0.3 comes with a lot of improvements when it comes to layout options. You can now select alternating templates, display a different template for certain posts in the listing, and also decide if you want to display posts in grid or masonry layout.


  • Add support for Elementor Pro ACF Fields
  • Add current templates in Elementor debug dropdown
  • Add masonry layout support
  • Add grid layout features
  • Add DataSyncr support
  • Add alternate template support to custom template skin
  • Add override template support for selected terms to custom template skin
  • Add meta field value type current date
  • Add meta field value type current date time
  • Add dynamic date/datetime to meta query and datetime dynamic data tag
  • Add asset loading optimization
  • Add minified assets
  • Add Optimized Elements integration


  • Remove Font Awesome dependency for check boxes
  • Fix standard skin featured image width when links enabled
  • Fix missing dynamic tags support to meta field type char param 2
  • Fix alternate template used when no alternate
  • Fix issue with date values
  • Fix issue with missing post type on no search result
  • Fix issue with duplicate divs when paging on archive page
  • Fix issue with Featured image tag and missing image
  • Fix paging issue with offset, ie remove offset if using paging
  • Fix single paging icon issues
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