ACF Icons

The ACF Icons plugin adds a new field to Advanced Custom fields. It gives you the ability to use a new field type 'Icon'. It also works with repeater fields. Out of the box it supports Font Awesome 5 and Ionicons. If you have Elementor plugin you can select Elementor icons as well.

The ACF field settings

Add the field just as you would any other ACF field.

You can select 4 different return formats: 

  • CSS class: The class Font Awesome for example returns “fa fa-checkbox”
  • SVG Sprite URL: The URL path to the select icon SVG.
  • SVG File Path: The file path to the select icon SVG.
  • Raw SVG: The raw <svg> data.

The post page

The actual field is render with a preview of the icon and button to select an icon.
Clicking the "Select icon" button or the icon preview shows a dialog where you can search among the included icon libraries.