DataSyncr is an upcoming plugin that enables you to sync your local posts, pages and Elementor templates with a remote site. We use it here at Goose Studio to publish local changes to staging sites and from there to the live site.
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Publish local page?
Just press "Push"

By default Posts, Pages and Elementor templates gets a new "Push" action. Upcoming releases will add support for more post types.
The plugin makes it easy to push Elementor design to a remote site. If you no longer wants to link a local page to a remote page, you can easily disconnect local page. It also uploads the images you have in your design so you don't have to upload them manually.
Push Elementor templates with conditions to remote site.

Easy to setup

Just install the plugin locally and on a remote site and configure the API settings. If a custom post type does not have 

The interface and API setup will improve in upcoming releases.