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Advanced Elements

Take full advantage of Advanced Custom Fields in Elementor

The Advanced Elements add on for Elementor integrates many of the field types that the Advanced Custom Fields plugin support. It enables you to use Repeater fields and Flexible Content to their full potential.

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Display your repeater fields as rows, boxes and more

Advanced Elements comes with many widgets that enables you to take full advantage of the ACF Repeater field with Elementor such as, List, Accordion, Slides, Boxes, and Table widgets.

If you want to display the repeater fields your own way you have the ability to make custom templates using the included dynamic tags and show them using the included template widget.

Repeating Image Rows

Example on how to use the Repeating Image Rows widget for Elementor with an Advanced Custom Fields Pro repeater field. It uses ACF text, textarea and image subfields.

Repeater with Template

The Repeater with Template widget helps you render a Advanced Custom Fields repeater field using an Elementor template. This widget opens up many different possibilities. It can be used together with all repeater based widgets and dynamic tags.


The Table widget helps you render a Advanced Custom Fields repeater field as a table with Elementor. It also enables you to render different cells and columns depending on different criteria such as sign-in or not sign-in.

Take full advantage of dynamic tags in your Elementor templates

The add-on comes with a whole array of dynamic tags such support for ACF Relationship and Post Object field. It also includes support for using repeater sub fields as dynamic tags in Elementor templates, date & time related tags with various formatting options and more.

Show ACF Relationship and Post Object fields using templates and widgets

The ACF Relationship and post object fields are two popular fields that enables you to connect your posts. Advanced Elements include widgets and dynamic tags to be used with templates so you can easily display the post objects and relationships.

Flexible Content makes it possible to have different templates for different content without redesign

ACF Flexible Content gives you the middle ground between complete data separation and data in the design. If you want to give a simple way to add new design elements to your Elementor page ACF Flexible Content provides that way. Connect a Elementor template to specific Flexible Content layout and get dynamic designs without working in Elementor for each product page.

This sales page uses Flexible Content. The information rows and videos are based on Flexible Content field.

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