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In my planning and development of my plugins and other projects I use a tool called ClickUp. They provide many features that I find very useful when it comes to planning and integration with BitBucket and other web-based services. It is also in ClickUp I add all issues that comes up, bugs, new features etc but I have not had a way to share this with customers and users of my plugins. This however will change in the upcoming weeks since I will be integrating this site with the ClickUp API so you all can see what I am working on and how many issues are left for various releases. Below are some development screenshots of the upcoming UI.

All issues for a specific plugin

Example of all issues shown in the upcoming ui.
This is an example of showing all issues related to a plugin.

Version specific issues

Example of listing of issues for a specific version.
Issues related to a specific upcoming release. Completed/closed issues will also be shown.

Voting and more

I will also be adding the ability to directly report bugs, make feature requests etc, voting, and commenting.

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