Advanced Elements 1.4 is released

Version 1.4 of Advanced Elements comes with two new widgets ACF Table and ACF List. The big addition of the two is the ACF Table widget. You can learn more about it at the documentation site or view the YouTube video. ACF Table widget with display conditions The ACF Table widget uses repeater fields and […]

Advanced Elements 1.3 comes with ACF Post Relationship field support and more

With the 1.3 release comes three new widgets. The biggest addition is support for ACF post relationships. It works in a similar manner as the Repeater with Template widget. You create an Elementor template with the post data you want to display. Then on the page you want to display the post youadd the “Relationship […]

AE 1.2 comes with new dynamic tags like Gallery and repeater image IDs

The 1.2 release of Advanced Elements comes with the following new features. Gallery dynamic tag Gallery repeater dynamic tag. Now you can display galleries in repeater fields. Very handy. Repeater Image IDs dynamic tag. This can be used together with Elementor & Elementor Pro Galleries and Image Carousel so you can display your repeater images […]

What’s new in Advanced Elements 1.1? Also the release of ACF Icons plugin

The 1.1 release comes with vertical tabs support and ACF Icons integrations. The support of icons introduces two new widgets Repeating Icon Rows and Repeating Icon boxes widgets. This release also removes the dependancy on Goose Studio Settings for updates. ACF Icons is a new free plugin ACF Icons adds a new field type to […]

What’s new in Advanced Elements 1.0

AFC repeater icons

Quite a lot actually. New widgets are coming and also improvements to repeating image backgrounds when using Elementor templates and overall performance. It has been a while since the last release but the development has not stopped. I have decided to increase the plugin version to 1.0 since I think the codebase has become sufficiently […]

Advanced Elements version 0.5.2 has been released

Advanced Elements version 0.5.2 is a minor release with smaller compatibility fixes. Fix issue with ACF compatibility that resulted in no fields were detected on archive/templates pages. Fix issue regarding Elementor conditions and prefixed group controls. Increase min required Elementor version to 2.5.0 due to Elementor code changes. Increase min recommended Elementor version to 2.5.3.

Advanced Elements 0.5.1 has been released

Advanced Elements version 0.5.1 is a minor release with smaller compatibility fixes. Fix issue with missing repeater fields on some widgets due to Advanced Custom Fields plugin changes Fix issue with missing fields when using option pages due to Advanced Custom Fields plugin changes Fix issue with missing dynamic tags due to Advanced Custom Fields […]

Advanced Elements 0.4 released – new widgets

The Advanced Elements 0.4 release I have released a new version of the Advanced Elements plugin and there is a few new features. Advanced Elements now support both Elementor Pro and AnyWhere Elementor Pro templates, this means the Advanced Elements widgets now correctly detect the ACF fields used on the selected placeholder page/post. I have also […]

Released Advanced Elements and whats on its road map?

In May I released my first plugin under the Goose Studio brand. It’s called Advanced Elements and takes a different approach with integrating Advanced Custom Fields with Elementor. The plugin unlike Elementor Pro supports ACF repeater fields and more types of ACF fields like URLs and embeds. The support for repeater fields makes it possible […]