Advanced Elements 1.6 released – and what is on the roadmap


Earlier this week the 1.6 version of Advanced Elements was released. If you want to know what was updated see earlier post regarding the 1.6 beta.

I have gotten questions about being more clear about what is on the roadmap so that is something I will be publishing more about from now on.

For upcoming version 1.7 I have decided to add support for the following new features. Flexible content fields and nested repeater templates have come up a few times in my support email so it’s time to add them due to popular demand.

  • Flexible content fields
  • Nested repeater templates (tricky but I think it can be done)
  • Option page plugin
  • Expand and close for repeater boxes
  • Dynamic Tabs and Accordion (Add ACF fields as content)
  • More layouts options for the various repeater boxes
  • New dynamic tags (Button group)
  • Other smaller things that might come up

As per usual things will be added to a 1.7 alpha that is available when you enable early access in the plugin settings and also from your customer account. When feature freeze happens it will be called 1.7 beta and then two weeks later the stable release 1.7 will happen.


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