Advanced Elements 1.6 beta released – now with display conditions


The 1.6 beta release comes with a couple of new features and widgets. The most interesting one is probably that all repeater based widgets now support display conditions. You can easily decide if a repeater row should be visible or not on your page.

  • Enabled custom icons for accordion
  • Added display condition support to all repeater based widget
  • Added Slider with template widget
  • Added padding to accordion
  • Added Google Maps dynamic repeater tag
  • Added target to repeater file list widget
  • Add use first repeater row as header to Table widget (only works if text fields)
  • Removed unused JavaScript
  • Removed unnecessary post metas
  • Removed usage of deprecated Elementor based AJAX requests
  • Fix issue with Font Awesome 4 migration requirement
  • Fix issue with Accordion width
  • Fix issue with Slider button typography
  • Fix accordion icon color setting
  • Fix issue with widgets not rendering inside templates when rendering relationship with template widget in Elementor edit mode
  • Fix issue with warning when relationship/post object return ID
  • Fix issue with user fields detection
  • Fix missing field selection drop down text when ACF field lacks label
  • Fix issue with dynamic tags using wrong preview ID
  • Fix preview settings area in Elementor editor not always loading
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