About Goose Studio

My name is Andreas Nurbo. I have been working with WordPress since version 2.5. My first patches were to 2.7 when MultiUser were going to be merged with WP single site, not that I have made any contributions since then. Might make some more in the future.

Since I have been working on WordPress for a quite a while I have finally decided to start selling the plugins and tools I have worked on lately that might be of interest to other WordPress users. There are quite a few in the pipeline but I am starting with a few add-ons for Elementor that I have made for my latest projects.

I value transparency and user privacy rights which I have also advocated for in the WordPress community. There are a few tickets regarding the WP phone home functionality and Gravatars that I’ve been vocal about in the past. 

I hope you find my products of value and don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any issues with them.

Best regards
Andreas Nurbo