Advanced Elements 1.5 alpha 1 has been released


Yes, that’s right, it’s an alpha release. I wanted to get a preview out in the wild of what is coming but not ready for release. The alpha release comes with a bunch of new features and fixes. It’s not complete since there are 2 features not included yet. I want to add dynamic user support and also nested repeaters that are more than 2 levels deep. The latter is still being tinkered with.


  • Add ACF Color Picker field dynamic tag, Repeater and Single
  • Add ACF Relationship field dynamic tag, Repeater and Single
  • Add ACF Post Object field dynamic tag, Repeater
  • Add maxres image to video field youtube load image
  • Add Post Object rendering widget
  • Add support for 1-many relationship in relationship dynamic tag
  • Add support for count relationships in relationship dynamic tag
  • Add support for user profile page fields
  • Fix issue with placeholder video shown outside of preview
  • Fix issue with escaped oembed data with video tags
  • Fix rendering of video in video rows as columns
  • Fix wrong URL when using Video field and lightbox
  • Fix lazy load option, disable when using video lightbox. Lightbox is already lazy load.
  • Fix Icon Rows icon column being on top
  • Fix Icon Boxes description typography
  • Fix Icon Rows Title typography
  • Fix AcfFieldTrait to few arguments for printf
  • Fix redundant version upgrade check
  • Fix user rights error when plugin loaded on MultiSite
  • Fix settings page when plugin loaded on MultiSite
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